Casa Brasil

  • Sector: Restaurants & Bars
  • Value: £600k
  • Timescale: 9 Weeks

When time is of the absolute essence, Hexley deliver. This project, to fit out a brand new restaurant within the new West Quay development, was completed in just 9 weeks. This was a huge undertaking as it included a new mezzanine floor as well as a really difficult access problem. The unit had no route to get powered access in to allow installation of the high level infrastructure with a 9 metre soffit height. We installed a full bird cage scaffold system and set to work. From a bare concrete shell to a fully functioning Rodizio restaurant in 9 weeks was nothing short of amazing. Our team worked tirelessly and were there right up until the doors were opened. It is an amazing space to view and very vibrant and colourful.

When we took on the lease of a high profile unit within the new West Quay development we had to appoint a fit out company that could cover every aspect of the works within an extremely tight time frame. To achieve completion before our openning date was beyond all expectation and the dedication of the team at Hexley made sure we opened our doors on time to our amazing vibrant restaurant.

David Hall
Owner - Casa Brasil Restaurants

Casa Brasil_0002_IMG_0373.jpg Casa Brasil_0003_20161222_154825.jpg Casa Brasil_0004_20161221_113604.jpg Casa Brasil_0005_20161221_093840.jpg Casa Brasil_0006_20161221_093723.jpg Casa Brasil_0007_20161220_205800.jpg Casa Brasil_0001_IMG_0454.jpg Casa Brasil_0008_20161220_194608.jpg Casa Brasil_0000_20170103_113403.jpg Casa Brasil_0009_20161220_194423.jpg

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