Dutton Gregory

  • Sector: Offices
  • Value: £100k
  • Timescale: 2 months

Having completed several projects for Dutton Gregory previously, we were pleased to secure the works to carry out a refubishment fit out of their new premises in Southampton. The building had existing offices which we were able to utilise in our design to make cost savings for the client. We replaced the suspended ceiling, added new LED lighting throughout and re-configured the existing offices to suit new layout. We installed a new folding wall to the large meeting room to allow a far more usable space presenting two meeting rooms or one large one when required. We decorated the entire building and designed and installed a new breakout area for utilising a mix of modern finishes and equipment. The works as all our projects were carried out within the CDM 2015 guidelines and under ISO9001 quality standards. All works were completed on time and on budget

We let the works for our relocation fit out project to Hexley in the face of stiff competition. The team at Hexley were ever present on site and were able to help us with every aspect of the fit out works and we were really pleased we chose them.

Tania Monks
Dutton Gregory

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